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St. Valentine’s day. That special day of the year. The world’s “holiday of love”.

Should it really be left for one single day to show that special person how much you love them, especially when the actual act is now so heavily commercialised? That said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be reminded to express those feelings I suppose?

I’d like to think that I don’t wait for such a “special” day to show my true feelings and how much Shelli means to me. Of course, I’m prepared to be told otherwise but I’d like to think I don’t 😉

I would hate to break with tradition though and to let the day pass without making a gesture, a proclamation of how my life has changed for the better since we started seeing each other, so here’s a haiku for you my love:

Life is a canvas.
Your love paints mine with colours.
Not just on this day.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness” and I could not agree more.

Yes, there have been sad, down times – and no doubt there will be more – but having someone who understands those times, who “gets me” and is willing to help, to put a smile on my face…that’s priceless and something I will never take for granted. Thank you honey.

It’s always nice to give/receive gifts but I can’t help but think that our lives are enriched so much more by investing in experiences. Flowers wilt, chocolates get eaten and things lose their sheen over time. What remains in our minds and hearts are the memories of experiences that make us come alive.

I’m not saying that because I’m a cheapskate. I truly mean it. I’d sooner have an amazing memory of a wonderful time together than a CD or some other gift because, well, you’re supposed to give something on St. Valentine’s day aren’t you?

Since we got together I have so many great memories of times we’ve spent together, things we’ve done and places we’ve been to.

I look to the future with a much more positive outlook because of you Shelli, a future full of happiness, excitement and adventure come rain or shine!