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Week 7 will be remembered as being a bad week! Two things really hampered my training and I’m not happy about either.

Firstly, a niggling cold meant I wasn’t really up to doing much training-wise at all. I struggled through a few runs but, as you’ll see below, there are a lot of zeros throughout the week. Not good!

Secondly, on the way home from work on Monday night I almost had a crash in the car. A lorry had parked on the opposite side of the road on a blind bend. As I approached the lorry – having slowed down because of the situation – a car pulled out from behind the lorry. There were two choices: try and brake on the wet road and hope I stopped in time, or put the car onto the grass verge and hope for the best.

I chose the second option which I’m pleased to say worked, just about keeping the car under control with two wheels on the wet grass and mud. But, something must have caught the exhaust and ripped the back box off. Not happy!

To make this worse, the day the car went into the garage to get fixed they didn’t end up sorting it out, which meant Shelli had to come and pick me up and another evening was lost as I spent it at her place. She also drove me into work the next morning two – she’s a bloody star! I’m pleased to say I got my car that day.

All in all everything seemed to conspire to stop me training, making this the worst week mileage-wise since I started this challenge.

Enough of my moaning, here’s the breakdown for the last week:

Week 7
Day Walking
Daily Total
44 3.17 0.00 0.00 3.17
45 4.92 3.11 10.00 18.03
46 2.24 0.00 0.00 2.24
47 1.68 6.21 10.00 17.89
48 1.43 3.11 5.00 9.54
49 4.85 0.00 0.00 4.85
50 6.84 0.00 0.00 6.84

Here’s a breakdown of the totals for my walking, running and cycling since the beginning of the year:

Week Walking
Weekly Total
1 32.92 21.14 46.50 100.57
2 19.74 18.64 73.00 111.38
3 28.15 14.74 39.00 81.89
4 15.83 28.27 86.00 130.10
5 29.89 26.72 65.00 121.61
6 16.84 26.72 88.00 131.56
7 25.12 12.43 25.00 62.54
Total 168.48 148.66 422.50 739.64

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve still got left to do this year to hit all my targets for this challenge:

2012 Miles
831.52 851.34 1589.50 1272.36

After a great finish to last week this has been a frustrating week. It doesn’t look like this coming week is going to be any easier as I appear to have picked up a tummy bug, and I’ve got time to make up at work as it’s my turn to pick the girls up Friday after school meaning a long afternoon on the M25.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do something this week but I think it’s going to be another slow, frustrating week unfortunately.

Fortunately for me I’m in credit with the walking, running and cycling so I can afford a slightly slower week again, but I’d sooner not get behind. We’ll see how it goes.

Don’t forget, you can get to my fundraising page at the following location:

The page will be live throughout my challenge this year (and a couple of months after) so please, when you can, give a few pounds to help some very worthy charities.

Why not do like my good mate Stu’s doing? He’s sponsoring me 2p a mile – which is amazingly generous, thanks Stu! You don’t have to pledge that much; 1p, 1/2p, 1/10p…it’ll all add up considering I’ll be covering at least 4012 miles this year!

Thanks. It means a lot and is very much appreciated.