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Apologies for the silence on here as of late. The last few weeks have been manic getting ready for, and having, our holiday in Scotland with the girls where I had little to no internet access, meaning no updates I’m afraid.

Things haven’t been anything like easy when it comes to our house sale/purchase and right now we’re not even sure whether it’s all going to go through due to complications with the house we want to buy. Not good.

As you can imagine, after having spent the last five months trying to get this all done and dusted we’re pretty bummed out about it all at the moment.

Not to be defeated completely though, this weekend we took the first big step and Shelli and her girls moved into my place.

It was a mad weekend but we managed to get everything moved without too much hassle, and we even managed to sort a lot of it out too while Shelli and Val cracked on with getting Shelli’s place ready for her check out on Wednesday.

A massive thank you to all who helped out; we couldn’t have done it without you!

Onwards and upwards!

Move number one done;
The next chapter starts proper!
Two hopefully soon?