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Has turning 40 really had such a drastic effect on my body? I have to wonder after this weekend!

Okay, Shelli and I didn’t just go for a little stroll. No, we covered about 42 miles along the Thames Path over the two days which is no inconsiderable amount of miles for anyone to walk.

My left leg though (hip mainly this morning) has decided that it’s not very happy with me at the moment. I can take muscle ache/pain. I can take the pain of blisters. What I’m finding difficult right now is dealing with the pain of just moving my leg as my hip screams at me every time I do.

Steve (Hag), I now have just a very small glimpse at what it’s been like for you this past year and all your leg pain!

Walking is easy.
Left foot and then the right foot.
Too much pain today!