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Thoughts of the past are never too far from my mind when I have weekends with the girls. I can’t help but think about what was, but more in the context of what will be.

Sometimes it’s a healthy thing to do, other times not. Not sure what the latest round of thoughts were but I came up with a bumper number of haikus on the run up to haiku Monday and realised that, together, they had a good flow to them – completely by fluke I hasten to add.

I’d like to think that the fact that they moved from the dark bad thoughts of being haunted by the past to moving on, looking to the future and the possibilities that may bring, was a good thing?

Anyway, here they are. Make of them what you will.

She comes like the night,
Haunting my every step.
Always watching me.

Living in the past.
Moving on – impossible.
Trapped by what once was.

The devil within.
Internal torment rages.
You make your own hell.

The past behind you.
Future comes as it pleases.
Focus on the now.

Shedding outer skin.
Snaking away from the past.
Casting off what was.

Let go and move on.
Freely embrace the future.
What will be will be.