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After the madness that was Saturday and the rather disturbed night, the girls and I spent Sunday over at Shelli’s so the girls – all four of them – could have some time playing before I drove my two back to Kent.

To be honest, after the night before I was a bit of a grump and, as often happens, nothing was going right and every little thing was getting on my nerves. The lack of sleep really was having a marked effect on me which wasn’t a good thing.

We got over the Shelli’s later than I’d planned – forgot to get something out of the freezer so had to head back home again! – but fortunately it didn’t take long for me to cheer up a little bit.

Knowing how tired [and crabby] I was feeling Shelli did an amazing job keeping the girls happy while I rested for a bit. They all sat at the table painting badges and pictures, all having a great time producing their works of art.

Once they’d had enough of that, other than food breaks the rest of the day was pretty much spent dressing up and dancing. I think they all must have changed their dressing up clothes at least half a dozen times each! I certainly couldn’t keep up with the clothes changes. At one point it almost felt like they were puttng on a show or something and were changing clothes with eat set change. They were loving it though so all was good.

All too soon the day flashed by and it was time to get the girls in the car for the drive down to Kent. I put their iPod playlist on and away we went.

Fortunately the roads were playing ball, even the M25, and I dropped the girls off a little early, giving them both a massive hug before getting back in the car to head home, hopeful that the roads would be kind because I was really beginning to feel the lack of sleep from the night before by then.

All went well and I was home before 6:30pm, exhausted!

A massive thanks to Shelli for stepping in while I was a bit tired and grumpy. I’m really pleased that the girls get on so well together. More importantly I’m really happy that my girls get on so well with Shelli, even if Asri and Eleni aren’t there, as the New Year weekend showed. It really does take the pressure off knowing that they think she’s great too 🙂

I took a few snaps over the weekend. There are two new galleries: one from Saturday the other from Sunday. They were only taken on my little point-and-click camera so they’re not that great I’m afraid to say.

If you wanted to see some better pictures from Sunday then you might want to head on over to Shelli’s website – Smoke and Memories – as she took some great shots of the girls with her DSLR. You’ll have to drop her a line asking for a login as the photos are locked down, much like they are on here.

Just thought I’d mention it as I’m sure there are more pictures of me on her site than there are on here too.