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Another great weekend with the girls comes and goes. I guess it’s a sign that we’re having a good time that our weekends together seem to end before they’ve begun?

Friday was my turn for the M25 round trip. Although I hate the drive it’s always great to pick the girls up from school. Elisa’s class normally comes out first and it was just the best thing to see her running out of the classroom and jumping into my arms for the biggest cuddle. Talk about soothe away the stress of the M25!

Alice was a little more subdued – still got a lovely cuddle – but I think that was more for wanting to tell me about a million different things all at once.

The journey home was pretty uneventful, good in fact, and the girls sat in the back enjoying watching a DVD with their headphones on, meaning I could listen to my music round the road to hell.

Back home I gave the girls some tea as they’d had a school dinner at lunch time, and after a play and some cuddles it was bedtime. The girls were both looking really tired so I got them sorted out and it wasn’t long before they were both fast asleep.

I’d planned a day out for us on Saturday to Birdworld, somewhere we’d never been before so I was hopeful for a good time out.

It was absolutely freezing outside when we got up and by the time we were fed and watered it hadn’t changed much at all so we all got wrapped up and headed out the door for the drive to Farnham.

Not only did Birdworld have birds to look at, a lot of them, there was a little farm there as well as an underwaterworld bit. All in all there was a lot to see and we spent a lovely three hours walking round, taking pictures and generally having a great time.

I think the highlights for the girls were the penguins, especially seeing them being fed and diving/jumping out of the water. Standing around watching the penguins was short lived though as it was so cold and standing still wasn’t helping keeping the girls warm.

There was an hilarious cockatoo as well. As we walked past it said “hello”. The girls were stunned to hear it talk and proceeded to say “hello” back. They laughed out load when it started to bob up and down and sway from side to side. Brilliant!

Pretty much all of Birdworld was open except for the live outdoor bird show, that won’t be open until high season. There was another live animal show too but that didn’t start until late in the afternoon and as we’d pretty much seen everything I didn’t think it was worth hanging around for hours in the cold so we headed to the gift shop, got the girls a couple of bits and headed home.

All in all a great day out and it’s definitely somewhere I’d go again…on a warmer day!

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing, watching a DVD, having a go on the computer and helping me make some biscuits before we popped down the road for a fish supper.

After a good night the night before I was hopeful that Elisa would sleep through having had a full-on day but alas that wasn’t going to be. She woke up around 9:30pm saying that she wasn’t feeling very well. I’ve spoken to her mum about this and it’s pretty clear that there isn’t anything wrong, she just wants a little attention or something.

I gave her a cuddle, calmed her down and took her back to her bed, sitting with her for a few minutes until she dropped off again. I hoped that that would be it for the night but Elisa was up again 10 minutes later asking to sleep in my bed, again quite upset.

Again, I gave her a cuddle to calm her down and asked her if she wanted one of my t-shirts to cuddle up to. I told her about my “special” t-shirt from the Bath half marathon last year and asked her if she wanted that one, which she did.

I got it out of my drawer and we had a bit of a giggle at how big it was – they only had large left when I got my t-shirt, and this was a very large large – and she snuggled up to it and drifted off again, not waking up again until the morning. Hurrah!

It was an early start Sunday morning. Shelli had booked tickets at the cinema for us all to go and see the latest Alvin and the Chipmunks film – Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – and as the showing started at 8:55am we had to be up, dressed, fed and watered nice and early to get out the door and into Reading in plenty of time.

I’d told the girls that they didn’t need to wake up any earlier, seeing as they were normally up and playing around 6am, but I had to make sure I got up and ready earlier than the day before. Understanding me entirely they promptly woke up, and in the process waking me up too, at 5am! I guess they were just too excited?

We got to the cinema okay and the girls, all four of them, loved the film. I can’t say that I thought it was any good but as long the girls were happy that’s all that mattered.

Film done we headed to the shops as Shelli and I had some bits to pick up, plus we needed to kill a little time before going to Pizza Hut for something to eat.

Shopping done and pizza eaten it was time to say goodbye and head home to make sure I had everything sorted out ready for the girls to be picked up.

We had time for more fun and games and, while Alice had another go on the computer, Elisa helped me make my very first baked cheesecake. She loved helping to make the biscuit base, blitzing the biscuits in the food processor. Lots of fun.

I’m pleased to report too that the cheesecake was really rather nice, not that the girls got a chance to taste it as it came out the oven just before they were picked up. I suspect we’ll be making another one the next time they’re at mine.

Once the girls had been picked up I put on my running gear and hit the treadmill, not liking the quiet in the house after the girls being there all weekend.

I didn’t have a plan on how far I wanted to run so I set the speed to a gentle 9.5km/h, covered the treadmill display, put on some tunes and started to run. An hour and 40 or so minutes and just over 10 miles later I thought I’d better stop as my legs were beginning to ache! Not a bad run at all and could mean another half marathon could be on the cards at some point in the not too distant future.

A great weekend. Great to be out with the girls. Great to see the four girls having fun together again. Great to see Shelli. Roll on my next weekend with my two little angels!