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I had the girls for a long weekend over the Easter weekend. Before they arrived on Good Friday I tidied the house, baked a sticky honey/almond/banana cake, did a few miles on the exercise bike, and got some shopping in. A pretty busy morning I think you’ll agree?

The girls had been away for the preceding week to Norfolk with their mum and extended family and were dropped off to me an hour or so after lunchtime, and as they’d not eaten yet I sorted us all some lunch out which we ate on the floor sat in front of the TV – a little treat seeing as they’d been in the car for quite a few hours that morning.

Lunch eaten we popped to the shop to get dinner bits in. I didn’t sort that out earlier as I didn’t know what they fancied to eat and I wanted them to choose. Funnily enough their choice of food for the weekend turned out not too bad, including fish, pie and veg and a roast on Easter Sunday. Not bad at all.

While I tidied up the kitchen the girls played out the front with Anna from next door. It’s lovely being able to let them play out the front without too much worry. They had riot running around and playing with a ball on the road.

Shelli and Eleni came over for a couple of hours, joining the girls round the play area and on their bikes. Asri wasn’t with them as she was out for the day at Legoland for a Birthday party. The girls had a lot of fun before we cooked fish and chips for dinner.

All too quickly the clock ticked round and it was time for Shelli and Eleni to leave so that they were home in time for Asri’s arrival after her day out. Lovely to see them though and the girls always have a great time together.


Saturday morning we got up early and got the train into Reading, walking down to the station. We’d bought tickets to see the new Aardman film: The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists.

Before we went to the cinema we popped into Clarks to get the girls’ feet measured and to get them some new trainers. Fortunately the shop had just opened and it was empty so we got seen to immediately. 5 minutes later two very happy little girls had new trainers.

I’d promised the girls that if they ate their breakfasts all up we’d get popcorn when we got the cinema. Funnily enough you’ve never seen cleaner bowls, so popcorn it was 🙂

The film was really good and we all had a good time and lots of laughs at the silly capers the pirates got up to.

We had a sandwich for lunch after the film, the girls having a gingerbread man too. Fed and watered we did a little more shopping, getting the girls a little football each to play with and a new swimming float each to help with their swimming. All shopped out we got the train back to Twyford.

When we got home and we’d unpacked everything, the girls wanted to go out on their bikes. Now that Alice can ride her bike pretty well (still with her stabilisers) I could concentrate on helping Elisa. She did much better this time and we made some real progress, riding round to the play area.

The girls had a riot on the swings and slides before we rode back along the path home, Elisa again doing brilliantly, before sorting out dinner and getting the girls off to bed for a little read before lights out. A great day!


Elisa had a really disturbed night, waking me up at least four times. I was wasted in the morning but I still managed to sort out a little Easter egg hunt for the girls. It would have been outside but the weather wasn’t the best so they hunted for their chocolate around the house while I snapped away with my camera – photos in a gallery in the photo section if you’re interested in seeing how their hunt went.

The girls made me laugh after they’d found all the chocolate when they said “Is that all?”! I’d made sure that they didn’t have loads of chocolate this year seeing as it took an age to eat last year, and not wanting them to be gorging on chocolate all the time they’re with me. They had enough to keep them happy though.

After their breakfast cereal I treated us all to some pancakes before sitting down in front of some Scooby Doo for a well deserved rest. I could have gone back to bed then I was so tired after not getting much sleep that night.

Having sat round the house for the morning I took the girls out on their bikes again after lunch, with another visit to the play area – they do like having fun their.

Fun had, we headed back home so that I could get the roast dinner on the go, which we all wolfed down once it was cooked.

We all had an early night as we were due to hit the road early in the morning to drive down to Kent to spend the day with Shelli, her girls, and Val and Tony.


We got up early, had breakfast and were on the road a little after 8am, having a good drive round the M25.

The plans for the day changed a bit due to the weather. I’d packed the girls’ bikes in case their was a break in the clouds but alas that wasn’t to be. The girls all had fun playing at Val’s and Shelli and I took them to Kid Zone for a couple of hours before it was time for dinner, shortly after that dropping them back at their mum’s, after which I drove home round the M25 again.

A cracking weekend with lots of exercise with the girls, all topped off with a day spent with Shelli et al.

I was exhausted when I got home though I can tell you. That said I still managed to do a 7K run on the treadmill and 10 miles in the exercise bike before hitting the sack. I must be mad!?!