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Before another weekend is upon me I guess it’s about time I got round to writing up what I got up to over the weekend with the girls? And before you wonder, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to post anything so far this week, it’s been put on the back burner as I’ve been having far too much fun with Shelli to think about doing a blog post. Sorry.

By the time the girls got to me Friday evening it was late. They arrived around 8:15pm and after having had a little snooze in the car they were full of beans. We had a riot! I think the only time I managed to calm them down a bit was when they showed me what they’d done at their yoga class the day before after school.

Bed time was pretty late after all that – gone 9pm – and I wasn’t in under any illusion that they’d sleep any later than they normally do. You won’t be surprised to hear that they did indeed wake up at the usual time, excited because they were going to Eleni’s 4th Birthday party over at Shelli’s place in a few short hours.

Having spent a good part of the week helping Shelli get the baking done we still had the unenviable task of putting the cake together Saturday morning. With that in mind the girls and I were there for 9:30am, giving us an hour to get the cake sorted out and do the final bits before the entertainer – Jester Giggles if memory serves me correctly – arrived to set up.

The cake was a great success and Shelli did a fantastic job. So much for not being someone who bakes! Okay, it had been a lot of work but it was definitely worth it, more for the fact that she could say that she’d made it, albeit with a very little amount of assistance from me. Well done you!

Out of courtesy for Andy, it being a relatively new thing knowing about Shelli and I, I wasn’t attending the party. I didn’t want to make it awkward for him on his daughter’s Birthday so, I headed in to Henley with my camera for a walk, a spot of lunch and a couple of hours snapping away with my camera. The results from my walk are uploaded into a gallery here so check them out if you want to, although I’ll warn you now that there’s nothing really special there.

It was a lovely day so the walk was a great way to while away a few hours until the end of the party.

I got back to Shelli’s place shortly after 1pm, just as all the children were being picked up. From all accounts it was a great success and the cake definitely went down well with the little Birthday girl, and everyone else so it would seem. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab some photos from Shelli and sort out a gallery on here some time soon. I’ll be sure to let you know if/when I do.

Party all done and dusted we headed out to soft play while Asri had her afternoon of drama class. They always have lots of fun there and it gave Shelli and I a little time to sit down and try and chill out a bit.

Once Asri’s class had finished we all headed over to a playground near Asri’s class and let the girls run some more energy off until Asri finished.

All done there we drove to the pet shop to try and get Eleni some fish to go in the new fish tank she got for her Birthday. Unfortunately they wouldn’t sell Shelli any until the tank had been up and running for a week to make sure the water was okay and the fish wouldn’t die straight away. Eleni wasn’t happy but there wasn’t a lot we could do unfortunately.

Unsuccessful shopping trip done we headed back to Shelli’s place and ordered everyone pizza for dinner before the girls and I headed home.

It was a great day and I was so pleased the party went so well. Again, well done Shelli!

Sunday morning the girls and I headed out to Bracknell leisure centre for a swim. After the success of the previous time we went straight into the big pool this time, without any complaints or moans I hasten to add.

Alice was away with her armbands on and it took a little while to coax Elisa away from the side, holding her hands and pulling her along down the pool, which she seemed to be enjoying.

I played a bit of a fast one on her and pretended to slip over, letting go of her hands. As expected she floated without any problems due to the inflatable ring she had around her and it was only then that she realised that there wasn’t any chance of her sinking. From then on she was away, kicking her legs and thoroughly enjoying herself. It was great to see.

By the time we’d finished in the pool Alice had completed nine lengths and Elisa had completed three – fantastic achievement both of them and I was as proud as proud can be. Let’s hope it carries on this way so I can get Elisa into her armbands and, with a little help, Alice out of hers. Exciting times.

Swimming done we headed to the shop to get the bits in for lunch and once fed we packed the car for the drive down and drove to the Lookout at Bracknell Forest. The girls love it there and love having a go on all the science exhibits. Photos have been posted from the visit so go and have a look at what the girls got up to.

All too soon it was time for a spot of tea – we ate it on one of the picnic benches at the Lookout – and then then it was time to hit the road to get them back to Rochester. No sooner had the weekend started, it was over. I guess that’s a sign of everyone having a good time I suppose?

The drive wasn’t too bad both down to Kent and back again, and I was home in th quiet house tidying the place up before 7pm.

All in all a great weekend. The party was a huge success, all the girls had a lot of fun together and Alice and Elisa did amazingly well with their swimming. Well done girls!