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And so another weekend with the girls flies by in the blink of an eye. Why do the weeks between seeing them drag so much and then the couple of days I have with them disappear before they’ve even begun? Oh hang on, I think I answered my own question there?! So what did we get up to I hear you ask [maybe]?

It was my Friday to pick the girls up but Friday morning I had a call from Elisa – yes, she called me with her mum’s help bless her – to let me know that she’d been sick in the night and wasn’t at school. Bless her. So, after driving round the M25 (a good run for a change) I picked her up with their bits and headed to the school to pick up Alice. We got there a bit early so Elisa and I had lots of fun waiting in the car.

The drive back home was pretty good, and although Elisa hadn’t been sick all day I was a little worried that we might have to have an emergency stop. Thankfully that never happened and we made it back without any accidents.

After playing around for a bit and having a bit of tea – Elisa hardly ate anything unsurprisingly – I put the girls to bed and try to relax after a long day and a long drive. Around 9:45pm I heard the patter of feet running to the toilet and instantly knew something was up. When I got there Elisa was standing over the toilet and was then sick, twice.

We waited in the toilet for a bit to see if she was going to be sick again and, after some gentle talking and coaxing, I managed to pursuade her to get into my bed as I shut up downstairs and went to bed myself knowing that this could potentially be a very long night.

Elisa wasn’t sick again but it was a pretty restless night, seeing pretty much every hour clock round. I was shattered by the time morning crept round!

Being so tired, and Elisa clearly not yet right, we had an easy day Saturday, only leaving the house to go to Waitrose for a few bits. The girls did some drawing, we watched some DVDs and generally had a really good time with lots of laughs.

Another reason for taking it easy was the fact that we’d planned a sleep-over at Shelli’s place as we were all going out to watch the fireworks at Reading Abbey RFC grounds that evening.

We got over to Shelli’s place a little earlier than originally planned – I’d assumed we were going to be out for the day – and the girls had a riot while Shelli went to pick up Asri from her drama class. Tea consisted of hotdogs and jacket potatoes which seemed to go down well. Even Elisa managed to eat half of her dinner.

Before going to watch the fireworks the girls had some fun with some sparklers out in the back garden. I’d taken my tripod over with me with the aim of taking some longer exposure snaps to capture the girls drawing in the air with their sparklers. It seemed to work well, taking some okay photos – check out the gallery to see my efforts.

I say my efforts, but Elisa helped too. Having used a couple of sparklers she didn’t want to do any more, and having the camera set up with my remote shutter release, I let her come and push the button to take the pictures which she loved doing.

Fun and games finished in the garden we got in our cars and drove to the rugby grounds. There were quite a few people arriving so it took a little time to get in but the girls were good and soon we were standing around waiting for the fireworks to begin. The girls played some games to keep themselves occupied and I snapped away with my camera.

This was the first time (bar maybe one time with Alice when she was very little) that the girls had been to an organised fireworks display and I have to say that I was very impressed by the way they handled it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it wasn’t until right near the end when Elisa asked to go back to the car as she didn’t like the really loud ones.

We left Shelli, Alice, Asri and Eleni to watch the end of the display and by the time we’d actually made it back to the car it was all over so we waited a few minutes and then joined the masses trying to get out…which took quite some time as it really didn’t look like the people organising the traffic were doing anything like a good job. Still, we got out in about 20 minutes and were back at Shelli’s by 9pm. A long day after a long night but a great time had by all!

Elisa again got up in the night but wasn’t sick this time. I think she was a little scared it was going to happen again and so ended up in the toilet, a little upset. I managed to calm her down and again after a little coaxing managed to get her to come to bed with me as she really wasn’t happy with the thought of going back to her readybed in case she was ill again. Unfortunately that meant another restless night but what can you do?

With the weather holding on Sunday, albeit a little on the chilly side, we all headed out to Odds Farm Park for the day. It’s somewhere the girls and I have been a number of times but from what Shelli told me Asri had only been there once before when she was two and Eleni had never been there before.

The girls had a riot running around, feeding the animals and generally having lots of fun in the play areas, of which there are a few. We actually managed to go round the maze and find all the sheep for a change which was nice. It’s great to see how well the four girls get on. Again, I snapped away with the camera so there’s a gallery with quite a few photos from the day.

Always accutely aware of the time on a Sunday, whether I’m driving down or the girls are being picked up, we headed off around 3pm to go to La Fontana in the village for dinner: pizza!

Service was uncharacteristically slow and I started to stress about being late back, delaying the girls’ drive back home, especially knowing that I still had to get them changed and packed before their mum got there. Shelli came to the rescue, heading back to my place with us after we’d finished eating and getting the girls changed while I got all their bits together. Thanks honey!

As it happens, their mum was a little late and we ended up hanging around waiting for her to pick the girls up. Still, she was late, not me, and that’s what matters in my books.

All too soon the girls were gone, Shelli and her girls were gone and I was left with an empty house. I had a few bits to do though especially as the girls seemed to have brought back half of the bales of hay with them and deposited it around the house! So I cracked on with the cleaning/hoovering, got some washing done and other chores before heading over to Shelli’s place for the evening.

All in all it was a great weekend. I was [still am a bit] tired from the disturbed nights but I was determined to make sure that didn’t mean the girls didn’t enjoy themselves. Roll on the next two weeks when I get to see them again.