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In order to catch up with everything that’s been going on I thought I’d write one big(ish) post covering what I’ve been up to with the girls and also everything else I’ve been doing.

The Girls

Since my last serious post I’ve had a couple of weekends with the girls that I’ve not spoken about. We’ve been pretty active, filling our time with lots of fun stuff.

The weekend I had them at the end of February we went to the Living Rainforest with Shelli, Asri and Eleni. Alice has been doing a project at school about jungles so I thought it’d be a good idea to take her to see the rainforest – similar to a jungle – again. The girls had a great time running round trying to fill in their work sheets while Shelli and I snapped away with our cameras. We all went to the Italian in Twyford afterwards for dinner. Photos from the day have been posted in a gallery if you’ve not spotted them already.

The last time the girls with me, a couple of weekends ago now, we had a full-on fun-packed weekend. On the Saturday we visited Marwell Zoo for the day. The girls had lots of fun looking at all the animals, taking photos and riding on the train round the zoo. A photo gallery of some of the photos I took that day are online if you’d not noticed.

On the Sunday we popped round the play area for a bit, Alice riding her bike and Elisa having a go on her scooter. The weather was surprisingly nice and the girls had a riot running round, playing on the big swing and on the slides. Again, photos have been posted including some lovely shots (even if I do say so myself) I managed to snap of the girls.

Tuesday last week I took the day off from work as Alice’s school choir – which Alice sings in – was taking part in the 69th Medway Music Association (MMA) Annual Festival. I lived in Medway until I was in my mid twenties and I’d never heard of this before! Anyway, it was held at the Central Theatre and over a number of days infant schools from around Medway get to sing on stage as part of the festival – Alice was very excited about it I can tell you.

Each school choir  had a song that they sang on their own on stage. All the schools for that day also sang seven other songs all together, normally while the choirs left/got on the stage. Lots of songs to learn but they all did great and remembered all the songs very well.

The song Alice sang with her school choir was called “Believe” by Lin Marsh. It was a lovely song and really struck a chord with me (no pun intended) as it was all about believing in yourself and being able to do anything. I’m not sure if the children really appreciated the meaning of the song but I’ll admit that seeing Alice sing and listening to the words, it brought a tear to my eye.

It really was lovely to see Alice sing on stage – a proper stage – for the first time. It really took me back to my days at school and my time in the school choirs.

I can be anything I want,
With this hope to drive me onward,
If I can just believe in me.

The Rest

So other than having lots of fun with the girls when they’re here, what else have I been up to, other than running, walking and cycling to clock up the miles for my challenge that is?

The other week Shelli and I popped up to Yorkshire to see Russ and Rachel. We went on the weekend of Russ’ Birthday and had planned on going out for a walk on the Saturday. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and it chucked it down all weekend. Shame. It wasn’t a problem though as we spent the time with Rachel while Russ was at work. It was lovely to see them again and the weekends always go so quickly when we go and visit.

After getting back from seeing Alice sing last week in Chatham, my good friend Stu – over from Vancouver for a few days – came over for the afternoon and evening. We had a good old chin-wag while we waited for Shelli to finish work. Once Shelli arrived we walked into the village, had a sociable pint in the Duke and then headed to Hawelli for a cracking curry. It’s always a pleasure to see Stu and this was no exception. A great evening for sure.

Last weekend, after having a nice quiet Friday at home, Shelli and I headed back to Kent to stay at her mum’s for the rest of the weekend. We were off to attend the Mayor’s ball on the Saturday evening, again wearing my kilt suit. It was a pretty good evening out, and after having a bit of an up-and-down time of it as of late it was great to go out and just have some fun, as I’m sure Shelli will agree?

Sunday we went out for lunch with Val and Tony, it being mother’s day, and then headed back round the M25. Thanks for driving my love 🙂

When we got back to my place we got changed into our walking gear and headed into the village to meet up with a couple of mad people walking 42 miles for charity from Buckingham Palace to the Madejski stadium in Reading. We thought it would be nice to join them and keep them company for the final eight or so mile stretch. Steve and Janine – the walkers – were going great guns considering they’d been walking since 6am that morning, and after being delayed for a bit in Windsor before meeting us, we all rolled up at the stadium around 7:30pm if memory serves me correctly. Janine’s husband very kindly dropped us off at Reading station, saving us the walk back into Reading town centre; the stadium’s a little way out, not that you really notice when you’re in a car!

And that’s about it. Lots of fun around some down/dark days – I won’t write about those as I’m trying to move on from it all.