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So the miles have been knocked off pretty successfully this last month, what with my mini challenge, the Global Corporate Challenge, and my little run in the sun the other weekend, which I’ve not properly written about yet have I? Must get round to doing that!

Anyway, my 2013 miles in 2013 challenge is now well and truly back on track and I’m 100 miles ahead of where I should be at this point in the year. Clearly motivating myself [read here “forcing my fat backside off the sofa”] using these little challenges has really done the trick?

To try and keep that momentum going, this weekend I’ll once again be taking part in the Longest Day Run. Last year I managed to run just shy of 53 miles in the 24 hour period the challenge runs from, more on which you can read about here.

The official results from 2012 can be seen here, where I came in at 15th place out of the 197 people who took part in the madness.

The long and short of this week’s challenge: beat last years 52.82 miles!

I’ve got a game plan worked out, three in fact, all different to last year’s plan. I guess they’d have to be to make sure I beat last year’s total wouldn’t they? The one to be used on each day will be determined by how I feel, both physically and mentally, but ultimately, if I can stick with them then I should beat last year’s total.

A massive thank you to Shelli for letting me do this mad challenge. I’m sure having me running for a lot of the weekend isn’t going to make it the most interesting time for her? Thanks honey, you are one in a million for putting up with me and my crazy ideas!

I guess we’ll see what happens over the next two days won’t we?

Wish me luck…