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Wow! What an absolutely fantastic day it was yesterday. I was spoilt rotten!

To start with I was served breakfast in bed: scrambled egg on toasted muffins prepared by all the girls. Alice cracked all the eggs and mixed them up; Asri stirred the eggs in the saucepan; Elisa and Eleni toasted and buttered the muffins. An absolutely fantastic start to the day!

Add to that cards, pictures, rings – lots of them – and a sun catcher, all lovingly made by the girls, a chocolate beer mug, and a t-shirt…well…I felt overwhelmed by it all.

I’ll admit that I shed a few tears while I was left in peace to eat my breakfast. Some because of how happy I was and how amazing my family is. You couldn’t ask for more loving little girls, all four of them. Some from thinking about dad and how much I still miss him.

Once I’d dragged myself out of my pit we took an easy morning at home and then we spent the afternoon at Asri’s school. They had a picnic and music afternoon where Asri played her clarinet with her friend in front of all the parents and children. She did brilliantly!

The girls had a riot for a good few hours but the time for Alice and Elisa to be picked up came round far too fast and off they went for another two weeks.

Still, I got to spend Father’s Day with them and they certainly enjoyed making all my presents and cards – Alice worked so hard on the card she made me bless her.

I do have to say a massive thank you to Shelli – thank you honey!

She worked so hard helping the girls Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, getting all of their presents made and breakfast cooked. It really was an amazing, special day, and it wouldn’t have been the same without all of your help…love you honey x

Special Father’s Day;
Breakfast in bed, cards, pictures.
Who could ask for more?