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So after keeping our plans secret for the last few weeks, yesterday Shelli and I told the girls that we were in the process of moving to a new house…fortunately they were all very excited about the news!

We drove them out to the house after they’d had a play in the [soon to be] local play area. They didn’t have a clue and were all a little confused when we got out of the car. But, once told we had four very happy and excited girls, already talking about “secret meetings” – no adults – to discuss the rooms etc.

It all seems to have snowballed these last couple of weeks after I put my house on the market – or not as the case actually was! – and sold it within 24 hours. Yes, you read that right, I sold it within 24 hours, before it made it onto the market properly. Right time, right place I guess?

We’d been looking for somewhere to buy since the middle of January, finding the house we’re in the process of buying very early on in the search. We put a prospective offer in to show that we were interested but at the time my place wasn’t even being marketed let alone sold, so nothing could be done other than wait to see what happened.

Once I’d had the offer on my place agreed we checked to make sure the house we liked was still on the market – it was – and so we pushed on with that. Our original offer wasn’t accepted but we did a bit of haggling [Shelli did anyway] and we managed to get it £12,000 off the original asking price – well done honey!

We’ve gone through all the boring paperwork stage and we’re currently waiting on the final-final say from the bank, but that should hopefully just be a formality. Other than that the solicitors are now doing their bit, and we’ve got the daunting task of packing up two house to move everything into the new place…gulp!

I think the people down the chain were looking to move by the end of May but speaking to my buyer the other evening we both thought that that was a little optimistic, both agreeing that somewhere around the middle of June would probably be more realistic. You never know though do you?

Exciting times ahead!

On to pastures new,
The next chapter soon to start.
A new beginning.