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I’ve spent – and still spend – a lot of time working on my physical health. I walk, run and cycle, setting myself challenges to make sure I keep up the training and don’t become lazy about my health again.

One thing I’ve neglected for the most part is my mental health.

Yes, everything I’ve done over the last three years has helped immeasurably to get my head in a better place, especially when I’m out on the trails, but sometimes that’s not enough; I can’t spend all my time walking this wonderful country of ours can I?

On the lead up to the new year I took some time to think about what I wanted to do this year, not new year resolutions, just plans about challenges and training.

High on that list was to try and find something to give me some mechanisms to help quieten my mind, something I struggle to do in this hectic world we live in.

Hopefully I’m on that path but I guess only time will tell?

To heal is to know,
Find, and love what’s best for you.
You and only you.