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Wednesday last week I popped down to Kent early in the morning to help out with Alice’s class and their “Mini Olympics” event at Fort Pitt. Alice volunteered me bless her.

It was a great morning, helping to walk them from the Delce to Fort Pitt and back without any accidents, and generally helping throughout the morning. It was a great time and I’m pretty sure the kids had lots of fun – I was once again a child magnet both on the walk and during the sporting events 🙂

I took the whole day off – no point rushing back as most of the day would have been gone by then so no work would have been done – so after a leisurely afternoon and popping in to see Val and Tony, I picked the girls up after school and we went to Kid Zone for a couple of hours of fun and games before I took them back to their mum’s to get their homework done.

It was a great day and any extra time spent with the girls is something I cherish.

Time spent with my girls
In the middle of the week.
Much better than Skype!