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And so the merry-go-round that is this house buying rubbish continues on. After deciding really early on in the year to look for a bigger place for our family, Shelli and I seem to have put most of this year on hold trying to get this done and dusted. But here we are half way through September and still we’re not really any closer to moving in to our new home.

Everything has fallen apart with the house we’ve been trying to buy for what feels like forever. Since the chain fell apart a couple of months ago the people we were buying from have struggled to find anywhere else to buy, and at the beginning of last week officially called it all off.

It’s been maddening and frustrating as both they and the estate agent haven’t exactly been open and honest with us and as such we feel like we’ve been strung along for at least a couple of months now, time we really could have done without wasting!

We were devastated having invested so much time, energy and money into that house, but we quickly picked ourselves up enough to put an offer in on a house over the road from the other house.

The offer’s been accepted so now we start the fun and games all over again, including dealing with the bank again as our original mortgage offer has now expired.

The new house needs a lot of work doing to it and it doesn’t have the extension like the other one, making it a tighter fit than we’d originally planned, but we’ll make this the home we’ve always wanted, I know that we will.

Onwards and upwards!

A year put on hold;
Still no closer to the prize.
What doesn’t kill you…