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I can’t believe another week is almost up, and yet again I’m well behind on what’s been going on this past week. I seriously don’t know where the days/evenings go these days. I guess I’m just having far too much fun eh?

Anyway, before my two little angels descend on me for the weekend tonight I suppose I’d better get you up to date with what’s been going on?

Friday last week Russ and Rachel headed south for the weekend. They didn’t leave Knaresborough until after Rachel had finished work and eventually got to my place around 9pm. Shelli and I had already eaten – a really rather nice veggie chilli we’d cooked earlier – and after they’d had something to eat, including some of my home made chocolate brownie, we all hit the hay in preparation for a day out in London on Saturday.

We didn’t rush around Saturday morning and after breakfast – healthy breakfast for the ladies, Russ and I on the other hand had two bacon sandwiches each! – we wandered down to the station to get the train in.

One train and one tube later and we were making our way over the footbridge at Charring Cross/Embankment for a stroll along South Bank to Borough Market.

As expected, it was quite busy as we made our way along the riverside, taking in the Christmas market, skate park and the Blackfriar pub for a well deserved pint (coffee for Rachel). This pub has been a stop on many pub crawls in London over the years and Shelli and Rachel had never been there before so we had to stop off. It’s a real character pub with its sculptures, mosaics and reliefs of friars.

Busy wasn’t the word when we got to Borough market, it was absolutely packed with people! We squeezed through the hordes taking in as many of the stalls as we could but it was hard work, which ultimately meant we didn’t stay as long as we had planned.

We made our way over London Bridge and headed back to Fleet Street as Russ wanted to take Rachel into another great pub: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese – again, a stop-off on many pub crawls and is another pub full of character, especially the small upstairs bar with its coal fire and sawdust all over the floor.

Refreshed we headed back toward the West End, stopping off at Wagamamas at Leicester Square for dinner; always good food and good value for money.

Instead of jumping on a tube to get back to Paddington, and the train home, we made our way up Regents Street and along Oxford Street (toward Marble Arch and Hyde Park) deciding instead to walk back, taking in the Christmas lights.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the lights in Regents Street were awful (see the photo gallery I’ve posted to see what I mean). All they were were large spider web light strings and huge green coloured adverts for the “must see(?)” festive children’s film coming out before Christmas. Bloody awful!

Oxford Street was a bit better but on our way up Regents Street we headed up Canarby Street which I have to say looked the best out of all of them.

By the time we’d arrived back at home we were all indulged in some more chocolate brownie and it wasn’t long before we all headed off to bed after a long, but very enjoyable day out.

Sunday was a bit of an odd one. Russ and Rachel headed off early to get down to Kent as they were staying with Laura (Rachel’s eldest daughter) for the night. Shelli headed off to get her girls ready for the impending dance show later that afternoon and I was left on my own, in a quiet house. All very odd after the previous day I can tell you.

I pottered around for the remainder of the morning/afternoon and then headed over to watch the dance show with Shelli. The girls did brilliantly: Eleni did one dance and Asri did three, involving lots of costume changes. Great stuff and a great way to spend a couple of hours.

I only wish my wife would start to take the girls to dance classes – something that’s been promised since Elisa was 3! – but it’s not happened yet. A shame as they’re both really expressive with their dancing when they dance around the front room when they’re with me. Maybe one day I’ll get to see them in a dance show? I won’t be holding my breath on that one though.

And that, as they say, is that. A busy but highly enjoyable weekend. As I said earlier, I’ve posted photos from the day out in London so go and have a look. There was a marked difference in the weather that day compared to the day out Shelli and I had the other weekend in London with our cameras!