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Other than sorting out a lot of paperwork and writing far too many cheques this evening, I’ve been updating the theme to the latest version along with various other bits and bobs on the site’s back end.

Before I go into any more detail I’d better just point out that there’s a new photo gallery from the weekend uploaded for your viewing pleasure in case you’d not realised. More pictures of the girls from our afternoon in Henley.

There’s been an update to the latest photo gallery plugin thingy. Visually it’s not changed at all from what I can see except for one thing: there’s now a “play” button in the bottom left corner of the gallery pop-up so you can automagically get it to run through all the photos in the gallery. That should save you clicking with the mouse or using the arrow keys to scroll through the photos.

While I was doing this I had to re-generate all the photo thumbnails and I was somewhat surprised to see that in the short time this site’s been live I’ve managed to post 1140 photos already! That’s mad even if I do say so myself. I’m sure over the coming months even more photos will be posted so it’s a good job I’ve got plenty of web space to use eh? Fortunately, I’ve got a handy little plugin to re-generate the thumbnails for me so it didn’t take too long to sort out; much better than manually cropping them in Photoshop that’s for sure!

If you spot anything that looks wrong or isn’t working after these changes please let me know by dropping me a line describing what you’re seeing. Thanks.