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My body aches. Me head’s sore. I’m exhausted. If that’s not a sign a good weekend was had I don’t know what is? I must admit though that I think the days of a full-on long weekend of partying may well be on the way out as I have no idea when I might actually recover fully from the weekend just gone! It had better be soon as I’ve got my two little angels this weekend coming and if I’m not back up to full steam then things will only get worse!!

The fun and games for the weekend started on Thursday when I journeyed into London to meet up with Andy to go and see The Sword at the Garage, Highbury. I guess it goes without saying that a few pre-gig beers were consumed over a bite to eat – Wetherspoon’s Thursday Curry Club, which wasn’t too bad.

Thirsts quenched we strolled over the road to the venue in the hope that we’d missed the opening band, Turbogeist. Neither of us were particularly interested in listening to them after reading the following on their Facebook page:

Turbogeist combine weirdo punk sounds with more macabre fantastic aural imagery while thrashing some heavy alternative rock.

Bottom line was…they were awful! Not sure how or why they managed to get the gig and after trying to delay getting into the venue to miss them I think we actually managed to catch pretty much all of their set. Not good.

Fortunately the night took a turn for the better with the second band: Gentlemans Pistols. Andy had seen them before and they were as good as he’d mentioned – they rocked! They could have been straight out of the 70s with their no frills rock ‘n’ roll riffs…great stuff! Really enjoyed their set and can’t wait to go and see them again.

The Sword were good, as always, even if the vocals were a little on the quiet/understated side and even though the energy down the front was good – love pushing trendy hipster twats about – they really did seem to struggle to hit the mark after Gentlemans Pistols, which is something Andy said the last time they played with the Sword. Great night though, even if it was a pretty late one by the time I finally rolled up at home.

And so to Friday and a night out in Reading with Shelli and Alex and their work colleagues. Already feeling a little jaded after the previous night out the evening started off with drinks and pizza at their office. If that wasn’t bad enough the drinking games started early getting everyone well on the way to oblivion! I don’t normally do drinking games but I must admit the “Roxanne” drinking game was hilarious. This was a variation on the theme and played out thusly:

Things required:

  1. A number of willing players.
  2. Enough floor space for each player to be able to spin round.
  3. A copious amount of alcohol, measured equally between the players.
  4. Access to a stereo system.
  5. A copy of The Police’s song Roxanne.

Rules of the game:

  1. The song is played.
  2. The players listen to the song carefully.
  3. Every time Sting says “Roxanne” the players take a sip of their drink.
  4. Every time Sting says “Put on the red light” the players spin round 360 degrees.

And that’s it. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Trust me it’s not as easy as you’d think as the phrases are said a considerable number of times and the drinking/spinning combination is, to put it mildly, not a good one! Still, it got the evening off to an hilarious start.

Booze and pizza consumed we all headed off into Reading town centre, meeting up with a few other people at the Oakford Social Club. More drinks and fun ensued before a short walk to Dogma to get in before the masses as Ben had gotten us all on the “early doors guest list”. This wasn’t exactly somewhere I’d normally choose to go to but it was a good laugh and everyone had, from what I could tell, a good time.

I wasn’t feeling too bad Saturday when I woke up which was a good thing as the afternoon was to be dedicated to walking round the streets of London visiting a number of pubs on another of our famous(?) pub crawls. This one was a kind of belated Birthday drinking session as Neil was away on business for both his Birthday and mine.

The pub crawl was originally planned for only six pubs – bit sensible I hear you say – but we knew we’d be stopping off at a few Brucie Bonuses along the way so six was a good start. As it turned out we ended up visiting eleven pubs in total, most of which were pretty good. The ones on the original list were all worth a revisit but a couple of the additional pubs, namely the Jolly Sisters and the Newmarket Ale House, should definitely be avoided. The Newmarket Ale House didn’t even sell ale…useless! The final list of pubs was:

  1. Mabels Tavern, 9 Mabeldon Place, WC1H 9AZ
  2. The Charles Lamb, 16 Elia St, N1 8DE
  3. The York, 82 Islington High Street, N1 8EQ
  4. The Angelic, 57 Liverpool Road, N1 0RJ
  5. The Barnsbury, 209 Liverpool Rd, N1 1LX
  6. The Duchess of Kent, 441 Liverpool Road, N7 8PR
  7. The Jolly Sisters, 95 Bride Street, Holloway, N7 8AX
  8. The Newmarket Ale House, 17 York Way, N7 9QG
  9. The Prince Albert, 163 Royal College Street, NW1 0SG
  10. The Pineapple, 51 Leverton Street, NW5 2NX
  11. The Southampton Arms, 139 Highgate Rd, NW5 1LE

It was a great day out even though my legs are still aching from all the walking now!

Sunday, as you can imagine, was a complete wash-out. After the late nights and ridiculous amounts of alcohol I didn’t even leave the house. Fortunately I’d planned ahead Saturday morning and picked up everything required for a day of rest from the shop. I don’t think I would have made it down to the shop if I’d needed to and probably would have ended up going hungry!

All in all it was a great weekend even if I’m still suffering now from it all. I’ve posted photos from Thursday and Friday night so go and check them out. Even though I took my camera with me on Saturday I completely forgot to use it so no photos from that little adventure I’m afraid to say.