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After having a great weekend helping my dear friend Shelli celebrate her Birthday, staying out way past my bedtime Saturday night, the week was started somewhat frazzled but I was okay with that. Clearly I’m not as young as I used to be no matter how much I profess to the contrary?! It was great to catch up with Val (my surrogate mum) and Tony too on the Sunday – always a pleasure.

On the way into the office Monday morning the car started to play up, just what you need first thing on a Monday morning, erm, not! The battery light flicked on and off and a little bit further down the road the entire dashboard died on me – not good! I could still drive the car – just – but I didn’t get much further. All power was lost and I couldn’t coax her up the smallest of hills. Time to pull over and phone the RAC! Having been a member since 2006 and never having had to call them out before I’ve now had to call them out twice in as many months. I guess the age and mileage of the old dear is now beginning to take its toll on her?

He then uttered the words I really didn’t need to be hearing: it’s your alternator. Brilliant!

The chap from the RAC turned up pretty quickly and jump-started the car. He did all the usual checks to see if the battery was charging and then uttered the words I really didn’t need to be hearing: it’s your alternator. Brilliant! To try and keep it going for the minute he whacked the alternator with an iron rod – technical tool, obviously – and made a call to a garage round the road. Fortunately they said they could take my car in and get it done that day so we headed to the garage and he gave me a lift to the office.

Things were going okay for the rest of the day until about five minutes before I was supposed to ring the girls. I got a text from my wife asking me to ring them at Ann’s as she was still in the hospital with the baby. Okay, I knew this point was coming but after an already pretty bad day this knocked the wind out of me a bit and the thought of phoning the girls – normally a high point in my day – only to hear them talk about the new baby, well, I could seriously have done without it. And, as expected, that’s exactly what they did. I can’t blame them and I tried to sound excited for them but I really could have done without it. Things haven’t really changed much since then with them so I guess I’m going to just have to smile and wave, smile and wave. . .?

I did get the car back at the end of the day on Monday though after they had a bit of trouble getting their hands on the right alternator. They even came and picked me up from the office too, which was good seeing as it was a good 50 minute’s walk to the garage from the office. In total, £344 to get the old girl back on the road, which wasn’t too bad considering I’d mentally estimated £350 for the job so no great shock or surprise. Still, could have done without it.

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful: work and getting ready for the girls for the weekend when I’m at home. It’s been a long week though as I’ve offered to do all the driving for the next two weekends I have the girls, just to let them settle down a bit with the new baby – nice of me no? This does mean that I have to work longer days to make up the hours to cover the drive down this afternoon. I put in a 12 hour day on Tuesday which wasn’t good considering I was still knackered after the weekend.

I did pop round to see Matt Tuesday evening though, finding a new route home on the way missing out a bit of a bottle-neck on my usual route home. I only stayed there for an hour as I was wiped out but it was good to catch up.

And so, today, I’m working from home so that I can hit the M25 after lunch to go and pick up my little angels for the weekend. It looks like the weather’s going to be good so hopefully we can get out and about and have lots of fun?! I guess I’ll let you know on here after the weekend?