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Apologies for the relative quiet on here as of late. I know I’ve only been posting the weekly challenge updates and haikus and I’m not too sure exactly why that is?

It’s not like I’ve not been doing things, because I have. I think a lot of it has come down to time; all the exercise I have to fit in around work and life in general has certainly taken its toll on spare time but that’s not the whole story I fear.

I had a bit of a bad down period last week and before that I’d not really felt like posting. It worries me when I hit patches like this, especially when I’ve actually been out and doing things with Shelli and also with the girls.

I’m obviously aware that I’ve not been posting and I’m hoping that I’ll once again start to write about what’s been going on – hopefully there’ll be another post later about yesterday’s fun and games if all goes to plan.

I’ve got a bunch of photos to sort out too which hopefully will happen sooner rather than later.

Sorry if you’ve missed my inane ramblings these last few weeks. Hopefully normal service will be returned forthwith.