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Although starting the weekend already worn out didn’t look like the best of ideas – I’m definitely getting too old for this “all weekend” partying malarkey now – having the girls arrive on Friday really did a great job at raising my spirits. Actually being able to hold and cuddle them is certainly a tonic I can tell you.

As they arrived a little later than normal having been driven up after dinner, I let them stay up a little later than normal even though I knew Saturday night was also going to be a late one, but more on that in a bit.

Even though they’d gone to bed later than normal they were still up at stupid-o’clock Saturday morning. Fortunately we didn’t have anything much planned so it was okay and I let them play and have fun before we went down to the start the day proper.

After we’d had breakfast and I’d tidied up we popped down the shop to get the bits in to make a carrot cake. This wasn’t my usual recipe but one from a cook book I bought the girls. As it goes, and long story short, it was a disaster – worst cake I’ve ever cooked! It sunk in the middle and the icing just didn’t work. A major let down I can tell you so it’s back to my normal recipe from now on!

After that fun and games Alice said that they had to read their books so wanting to help out we sat down on the sofa and they got their school reading books out of their book bags.

Elisa went first and I cannot tell you how proud I am; she read the entire book all by herself, sounding out the letters and the words as she went through it. I didn’t have to help or correct her at all! I was smiling from ear to ear and as proud of her as I was the first time Alice read a book to me. Elisa’s not even five yet so to be reading a book was just brilliant. Okay, it didn’t have very complicated words in it but I was close to tears when she finished.

Alice went next, reading her new book – the first time from looking at her reading log. She did really well considering and only needed a little bit of help with some of the more tricky words. She struggled a bit with some of the contractions, for example “we’ve” and weren’t”, but other than that she did brilliantly. It’s amazing to see her progress each time she comes for the weekend. I am definitely a very proud daddy!

With all the reading out of the way we jumped into the car and headed off to Henley for a few hours with Shelli and Eleni. Asri was at her dance class for the afternoon so they had a few hours to kill and as it was such a lovely day, meeting up to let the girls play and feed the ducks seemed like a good idea. The only problem was, everyone else thought exactly the same thing and Henley was crazy busy!

In the end, after struggling to find parking, the girls had a couple of hours together and had a great time feeding the ducks and playing on a bouncy castle on the playing fields. They also had a go on a little merry-go-round thing as well. It looked a bit naff but they all enjoyed it.

Shelli and Eleni headed off to pick Asri up and we headed home to wait for them to arrive there as the girls were coming over for a sleep over – four very excited girls when they were told that I can tell you!

Both Shelli and I weren’t sure exactly how the sleepover was going to go but I guess you’ve got to do these things? As it goes the girls were very well behaved. Yes, there was some silliness but all in all, considering they had a pretty late night, they were all brilliant! There was a bit of a disturbance during the night as Eleni had a bad dream but other than that they went off to bed and got to sleep a lot better than both Shelli and I expected, bless them.

They were all awake early in the morning on Sunday but again they were really good, but all too soon time was upon us and we had to get them all fed and bathed and ready to go as Asri had another dance practice to go to. It was a shame they all had to shoot off early as the girls really do get on very well and have a lot of fun together.

Sundays are always a bit of a dead day with the girls as the clock is always against us to try and fit anything in, get fed, packed up and on the road to get them back to Rochester. We managed to walk down to the shop to get some bits in for dinner and while I cooked the girls relaxed watching a DVD; one of their Barbie DVDs…again!

I had a few tears from Alice a couple of times during the day. She was a bit upset saying that she didn’t want to go home – heart breaking I can tell you. I guess this is down to the changes at home, what with the new baby, lack of sleep – new baby – and the fact that they’d had so much fun with Asri and Eleni and the sleepover? What ever it was she wasn’t happy bless her but I did my best to bring her round. Even when I dropped them off though she still didn’t look very happy but what can you do?

All in all it was a great weekend and a welcome one at that after a bit of a crappy, stressful week last week. I miss the girls every day and I can’t wait for the next two weeks to fly by, hopefully.