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This weekend the girls properly started dance classes!

After having taken part in a couple of the dance school’s “bring a friend” days we – Shelli and I – finally took the plunge and got them enrolled at the school that Asri and Eleni go to.

They’ll only be going every other weekend but that wasn’t a problem as the school have other children who do the same, which was good to know. And let’s face it, it’s better than nothing eh?!

From all accounts they had a great time and they’re both really looking forward to wearing the proper dance outfit very soon. A big thanks to Shelli for lending them some tap, ballet and modern shoes. Thanks honey!

Doing this means I lose out on some of my precious time with the girls but in the long run I think this will be very good for them so I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Besides, while Elisa and Eleni were dancing Shelli and I spent some time with Alice and Asri, and vice versa, so it’s not all bad.

Two happy daughters,
Enjoying their dance classes.
Are they budding stars?