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Back at the beginning of March I set myself a mini challenge to try and kick start my exercising. This was desperately needed after a couple of really lazy months after running the Bath half marathon.

May is now all but a distant memory so I suppose I’d better see how I did, and whether or not it had the desired effect or not?

To recap, the targets for my mini challenge were:

  1. Run at least three times a week
  2. Go out for a walk at lunchtime at least three times a week
  3. Do at least 10 miles three times a week on the exercise bike
  4. Carry on with my plank-a-day challenge (I’m currently doing 2 min 25 s planks!)

I’m sad to say that I didn’t manage to hit the targets…boo!

I am pleased to say that I did actually get off of my backside and start to exercise properly again though, which is a very good thing indeed. Over the course of the month I managed to run, walk and cycle twice a week, which is a country mile more than I was doing before.

All of that meant that by the end of the month I’d walked 131 miles, run 45 miles and cycled 70 miles, which I’m sure you’ll agree isn’t bad at all. It could have been better, but not bad.

Unfortunately the planks seem to have taken a bit of a hit though. I’m a couple of weeks behind on them but I have every intention of doubling up each day to make sure that by the end of the year I will have completed a plank for every day of 2013!

One thing that’s really helped these last couple of weeks is the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) which some guys from work and I set up a team for and entered. We basically need to record our step count every day for 16 weeks to see how far – as a team – we can go.

This really has helped to make sure that I don’t sit around doing nothing – especially at lunch times at work – and I’m hoping it will really help me on my way to the end of my 2013 mile challenge this year.

Before really focusing on my exercising at the beginning of last month I was nearly 80 miles behind schedule for my 2013 challenge, but since setting myself the mini challenge, and kicking off the GCC team at work, I’ve clawed back those 80 miles, kept on top of the miles I still needed to be doing each day, and I’m now ahead of schedule to hit my 2013 mile target…get in!

This weekend there’s a mini GCC challenge where you need to try and beat your current personal best step count. For me that was the day of the Bupa London 10K where I ran 10K but also walked the best part of 15K too, giving me a target of over 33,000 steps to beat either on Saturday or Sunday this weekend.

Shelli’s away over the weekend so I’ve got plans in place for tomorrow to hopefully smash that record! I’ll let you know whether or not I was successful next week.