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Before another weekend with the girls I thought I’d better try and pull my finger out and play catch-up on here. Still more to write and not enough time to do it in!

Weekend With The Girls

Even though it’s nearly a fortnight ago now I think it’s worth talking about the weekend I had with the girls as it was a cracking weekend.

It was my turn to drive on the Friday so I spent the afternoon on the M25 as usual, but I don’t mind too much as it’s lovely to wait outside their classes for them to finish their day at school, especially as I normally get THE biggest hug from Elisa when she comes out 🙂

The drive home was as good as ever and could definitely have been a hell of a lot worse. The girls watched their DVDs while I listened to my tunes and concentrated on trying to avoid the idiots on the road – there’s always a few on that road to hell!

Back home I sorted out some tea for the girls and we had a good laugh and a cuddle before getting them ready for bed. It was an early night as they had a big day ahead and we were having a sleep-over at Shelli’s Saturday night, which normally means not a lot of sleep for anyone, so I thought an early night would be a good idea.

Saturday morning we headed over to Shelli’s early as the girls were taking part in “bring a friend” day at Asri and Eleni’s dance school. My girls love to dance and when they were asked if they wanted to do this they were so excited it was unreal!

Eleni and Elisa were the first into the class. Elisa was in her element and loved every second of the class, jumping, pointing her toes, and kicking her legs, massive smile on her face throughout the class. I was so proud of her, not a sign of being shy or worried what people were thinking.

First class done, it was time for a spot of lunch – a packed lunch Shelli had prepared for everyone; thanks honey. Once we were all fed and watered we took the girls round to the playground outside to let them blow off some steam. More photos taken and good laugh had it was quickly time to head back inside for Asri and Alice’s class.

Much like Elisa Alice was loving being in the class. I felt a little for her though as she seemed to have slightly harder things to do, being in the older girls’ class, but she enthusiastically threw herself into it all and had a fantastic time. Again, very proud of her especially as she’d been a little nervous about going. She took it all in her stride though bless her.

Fortunately the dance school had decided to join the “bring a friend” day with the adults “come and watch” day. This meant I was able to watch my little angels dancing and was able to take as many photos as I could. Go to the photos section to have a look at all the fun the girls had in the classes and at the playground.

The girls did brilliantly. It doesn’t take much for my two to have a dance; just put on some music and they’re normally away. It was wonderful to see them join in with the classes, following the teacher’s instructions.

It was getting on a bit by the time the classes had finished and we’d driven back to Shelli’s so the plan for the rest of the afternoon was for the girls to help with dinner: pizzas. We’d not bothered to buy the ready-made bases as we though it would be fun for the girls to muck in and help to make the pizza dough, rolling it out to make their own pizzas.

As great an idea as we thought it was, once the four of them were home and having fun playing, listening to music etc. they just weren’t interested in helping at all. So, that left Shelli and I with the task of making the pizzas, wishing that we’d just gone out and bought pizzas for us all.

Saying that, I’d not made pizzas like this for a long time so it was fun, and to be honest, the pizzas came out really well.

At bed time we split the girls up: Alice and Asri in the bunk beds; Elisa and Eleni in the small room, Elisa on a ready bed. The girls really liked having their separate rooms and it seemed to help with a pretty good night’s sleep for everyone. Phew!

Sunday morning we got up early, had some crumpets for breakfast, and headed out the door to Coral Reef for some fun in the water.

Even though we got there a few minutes after opening time there was already a queue to get in. Fortunately it wasn’t too big a queue and it wasn’t long before the girls were having fun in the water.

Water-fun had – it’s amazing how quickly two hours in the water can go! – we headed over the road to the Look Out Discovery centre for a packed lunch and some more fun.

It’s always fun taking the girls into the science exhibits for them to have fun with all the displays and puzzles.

There was no way we were going to be at the Look Out and not get away with the girls playing in the play areas. It wasn’t the warmest day out but the girls were all wrapped up in their fleeces and had a riot climbing, swinging and sliding.

Check out the photo section for photos from our afternoon out.

Again, much like the swimming, the afternoon seemed to fly by and all too soon it was time to head back home to get some tea and to get the girls ready for them to be picked up to be taken back to Kent.

It was a great weekend. The girls all get on so well, it’s lovely to see them all having so much fun. It was special too seeing them at the dance class on the Saturday. I’m still ever so proud of them both for doing so well 🙂

A big thank you to Asri and Eleni for inviting the girls to join them at their dance classes, and a big thank you to the ever wonderful Shelli for putting us up for the weekend and sorting out the lunches etc. You’re a star!