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Before this week ends and we drift into another fun-filled weekend I thought I’d better catch up with what happened last weekend with the girls.

Right up until late in the afternoon on Friday I didn’t know whether or not my wife was going to be driving the girls up, as is the deal – she drives Friday, I drive Sunday. There had been some discussion about maybe bringing them up on Saturday morning instead and by the time I was leaving the office I still didn’t know whether I was going to see the girls or not. I wasn’t happy.

I finally heard back from her as I was driving home and the good news was they were going to drive the girls up…phew! I hadn’t relished the thought of missing out on time with them, especially as my time with them each month is so little already. Unfortunately, the M25 played its cruel hand and they had a pretty bad journey up meaning the girls didn’t arrive until almost 8pm.

We had a bit of a play and they had a snack before they got ready for bed. Story read it was time to say goodnight all too soon so it seemed.

Saturday was a day spent at home pretty much. The weather was a little on the bad side – the garden’s loving it at the moment though – so other than a trip to the shop to get some bits in to do some cooking, the day was spent playing games, watching DVDs and making some rather delicious chocolate cookies. The girls had lots of fun helping mixing the cookie dough, rolling it out and cutting out the cookie shapes.

Sunday morning we met up with Shelli, Asri and Eleni at Coral Reef. It’d been a while since the girls, Matt and I had been there and I’d kept it a secret who we were meeting. The girls had a riot and the two hours spent in the water seemed to just fly by.

All done we all headed to Waitrose to pick up some pizzas for lunch and it was back to my place for food and to let the girls have more of a play before they had to head off as Asri had a Birthday party to go to. It was a great day and the girls – as ever – had lots of fun playing together.

It wasn’t long before I had to start to think about getting the girls in the car and back down to Kent. Fortunately this was to be only a one-way trip as I was staying at Val and Tony’s place for the night as I had Monday off to go to the school and see the girls.

The drive down was a good one – phew! – and I spent a very pleasant evening sat drinking a few pints and chatting with Val and Tony before turning in quite late.

Monday morning was spent chatting with Tony, putting the world to rights, and watching trash on TV. After a wonderful lunch of bubble and squeak, fried eggs and hash browns – thanks Tony – I headed off to get to the school.

There was supposed to have been a Father’s Day assembly or something starting at 2pm but that was changed the week before to spending 30 minutes with the children in their classroom. It was nice though to see the girls in the school environment and to see their artwork on the walls etc. I’m not quite sure how it happened but in both Alice and Elisa’s classes I ended up with lots of the children wanting to play with me when all I wanted to do was concentrate on spending the time with my girls. Oh well, it was well worth the time off work just to see how excited they were to have me there.

Here’s the picture Alice drew of me as she waited for me to finish in Elisa’s class. Her teacher said it looked just like me; not sure I should be happy about that or not?

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After the wonderful time spent with the girls I hit the motorway to get home. Fortunately the M25 played ball again and I was home without too many problems, unlike the other weekend in the rain!

Having picked up some fresh clothes and carried out a quick check around the house to make sure everything was okay, I headed over to Shelli’s place for the night, watching the latest Pegg/Frost film “Paul” – really enjoyed it but it wasn’t quite as slap-stick as “Shaun of the Dead” or “Hot Fuzz”, recommended though.

And there you have it. Another great weekend with the girls with an added bonus of visiting them at school to see how they were doing.