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I’ve been really lazy on the exercising front since I completed the Bath Half Marathon back at the beginning of March. Not too much of a problem generally I suppose but I’ve got the Bupa 10Km run in three short week’s time. Time to start taking this seriously again me thinks!

Even though I wasn’t confident I’d do it, I laid out my running gear before going to sleep last night and set the alarm 30 minutes early. I’m pleased to say that I dragged myself out of my pit this morning – even though I could very easily have stayed right there for at least another hour! – and did a gentle 3Km run to ease myself back into this running malarkey. It went well, and knowing that I’m not normally in the mood to go out running once I get in from work I guess I’ll be going for more early morning runs now?

Alarm set early.
Fitting in runs when I can.
I’m sure I’ll be fine?!