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After what seemed like a very long week I drove down to Kent on Friday to pick the girls up for the weekend. Why was I driving? Good question. My wife had her baby on Monday last week and I’d already offered to do all the driving for the month after the baby was born to give them time to settle in before going back to the normal routine with the girls. How nice am I? It meant I had to make up the hours for Friday afternoon but it was all worth it to save any hassle seeing the girls.

Luckily I got down to Kent before they closed the M25 due to an accident – it was chaos Kent-bound when we drove back…phew! The girls relaxed in the back in their new car seats and protected from the scorching sun with their new window blinds, watching a DVD.

Knowing that I’d be doing a lot of driving with them over the next month, and that there was a sale on at Halfords, I decided last week to get them new car seats, full ones. I’d originally bought them just the booster seats but if/when they fall asleep in the car it looked awfully uncomfortable so I thought why not? As it happens I managed to get a great deal as the Halfords store screwed up my order so I ended up getting two better car seats for the same price as the ones I’d originally ordered. So, instead of paying £99.99 each for the seats they were reduced to £49.99 each in the sale but because of their mistake I actually got them for £29.99 each…bonus!

I have to say, the new window blinds I ordered the girls are fantastic, the best ones I’ve ever had – and I’ve tried a few over the years. I ordered them from Window SOX and the blinds go over the entire back windows of the car as they’re custom made for each car make/model. They don’t do them for every make/model but I’d recommend checking them out if you’re on the look out for a good window blind for the summer.

Saturday we took a trip out to Buckelbury Farm as the girls wanted to go and feed the lambs, that and play on the big slide they’ve got there! We got there for opening and spent a fantastic four or so hours there looking at the animals, playing in the play areas and taking a tractor ride to see the deer. The girls got me to feed the deer like their Uncle Matt did last time we went. Great day out! I’ve posted a gallery of photos from the day if you want to see what the girls got up to.

On the way back we stopped in at Matt’s place so the girls could deliver his Birthday card to him. We knocked on the door but nobody was home, or so we thought, so we posted the card through the door and headed home. As it happens Matt was in, he was in the shower and didn’t hear the door. Oh well, we’ll have to go and visit him again another time I guess?

As the weather was still so nice the girls asked to go and play round the play area when we got back to the house, so that’s what we did before heading down the road to get fish and chips for dinner. I love our fish and chip night!

Sunday we went over to see Shelli, Asri, Eleni, Val and Tony for the day. We took over Alice’s bike and Elisa’s scooter so the girls could all go out and have some fun. I wasn’t sure how the bike thing was going to work out as we’ve not gone out very much at all with the bikes so this was a bit of a risk. I was hopeful that seeing Asri and Eleni shooting off on their bikes would inspire Alice to ride more and I’m pleased to say that it seems to have worked. She did brilliantly so hopefully we can go out some more over the coming months and she can really get to grips with it. I think it’s going to take some time to get Elisa on her bike as she really didn’t seem at all keen on doing it. We’ll get there in the end.

After a ride to the shops and back we all went round to the play area near their house and had a riot playing on the swings etc. and before we knew it it was time for dinner and, not much longer after that, it was time to hit the road to get the girls back to the mum’s. A cracking day indeed. The girls love playing with Asri and Eleni and let’s face it, having a trampoline in the back garden certainly helps to keep the girls happy. Maybe I should think about getting one for the garden too as they all love bouncing up and down?

The drive to Kent wasn’t too bad except for some congestion on the way back. I cut across country as it was a lovely evening and I wasn’t exactly in a rush to get back home…alone…so a lazy drive through the villages and country lanes was taken. Very nice indeed.

As expected, after a long week in the office, a weekend with the girls and considerably more driving than normal I was wiped out and it’s taken a number of days to catch up with myself properly. Still, it was great weekend in the sun with the girls. Roll on the next one!