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And so, after firing up the trusty old website again last week…I fail miserably to get this week’s haiku posted on time – doh! Still, as the saying goes: better late than never!

Things have been pretty hectic at home since 2014 was waved in with a show of fireworks on the TV and champagne in the glass. Top of the list of things to get sorted out was decorating the girls’ bedrooms to make sure that all four girls felt like the new house was their home.

With a huge amount of help from Val and Tony we managed to get both bedrooms stripped, prep’d, painted, decorated, carpet down, and all the furniture put back together again all within a week! It was mental working on both rooms at the same time but between the four of us we got it all done and had a good laugh at the same time 🙂

This last week Val and Tony have been working on our bedroom. Shelli put her hand to wallpapering at the weekend, and she did a great job! If all goes to plan then that room will be all ready for the furniture to go back in at the end of tomorrow – Wednesday.

So less than a month in and three bedrooms will be finished. We’ve also got some of the windows replaced, we’ve been getting quotes on kitchens, quotes on putting up a wall downstairs, and replacing all the doors in the house as the current ones are just hideous.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve ordered a new front door and garage door which will hopefully be fitted in a few weeks, which should make a big difference to the house, not only from an aesthetics point of view but also to stop the gale-force winds that whistle through the current front door!

There’s plenty more to sort out but we’ve definitely hit the ground running. Let’s hope we can keep that momentum up and we get the place all sorted sooner rather than later!

The haiku came late.
Work got in the way again.
No excuse really.