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After a very busy year last year we finally got round to raising a glass to wave goodbye to times of old and to celebrate the new path ahead.

Both Shelli and I finalised our divorces in the first half of last year and ever since then we’d been trying to get everyone together to mark the occasion. Due to a very hectic and full-on year, and our complete inability to find a date everyone could make, it’s taken until now to mark the passing of the tides.

How did we do it? Walking 12 miles round London visiting 26 pubs to complete the Monopoly pub crawl, that’s how.

Any why this pub particular crawl? As it’d been undertaken as one of my [many] stag dos it seemed a fitting way to go full circle and to close that chapter of my life.

A big thank you to everyone who came along and I hope everyone had a good day, even though I’m sure feet and legs were aching Sunday…I know mine were!

Finally found time;
A celebration of sorts.
Time to look forwards.