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Another weekend with the girls flies by. It’s scary some times how short the time I get to spend with them actually is.

After nearly three and a half years it still destroys me to say goodbye to them at the end of one of our weekends, this weekend being worse than normal after traffic on Friday meant they got dropped off late, and today I dropped them back early as their mum asked if they could be brought back early on account of it being Mother’s Day.

I’m lucky this week as I’ll be seeing Elisa on Friday as she’s singing in the Medway Music Association Festival at the Central Theatre in Chatham. I went to see Alice sing in this with her class last year so it’ll be nice to see Elisa perform too.

After that I get to spend the best part of an hour in the afternoon helping Elisa with her literacy in her class at school, again something I’ve done before for both Alice and Elisa the other year – this time Elisa gets me all to herself though.

Oh well. Time to tick off the days on the calendar until I can spend time with them both again…

Just forty four hours;
Over before it began.
Two more weeks to wait.