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Although the weather was cold at the weekend I really wanted to spend some time outdoors with the girls. It seemed like a long time since we last went out and walked around for a bit so I came up with the plan for another photo scavenger hunt.

I mentioned it to the girls and asked them where they’d like to go for it, both saying that they wanted to go to Bracknell Forest, round by the Look Out Discovery Centre, the decision having nothing at all to do with the play areas there or anything of course?!

We weren’t as well planned as the last hunt we went on, only coming up with the list Saturday morning. This meant it wasn’t quite as inventive as the previous list but both the girls had input to the final list of things to photograph so that was good. The final list was:

  1. A flower
  2. A brown lead
  3. An animal
  4. Reflection
  5. A map
  6. Something blue
  7. A tree
  8. A bench/seat
  9. A gate
  10. A dead tree
  11. A bike
  12. Animal tracks
  13. Something square
  14. Clouds
  15. A pine cone
  16. Moss
  17. Mud
  18. A hole in a tree
  19. A feather
  20. Holly

Cameras and list packed, fleeces and coats on – it was freezing outside still when we left after lunch – we jumped in the car and it wasn’t long before we were stomping through the mud looking for everything on the list.

We were out walking for well over an hour without any complaints or grumbles from the girls. They were both keen to find everything to photograph and it was nice to see them thinking about what they wanted to snap and putting their own interpretation on the things on the list.

We didn’t take as many photos as last time, this having a lot to do with how cold it was outside, and once we’d ticked off everything on the list we headed back to the play areas so the girls could have some fun before having a quick snack and heading home.

Another great time out with the girls, and great to see them using their cameras a little bit better this time – not so much out of focus this time around!

You can see the photos below.