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Another weekend with the girls flew by before my eyes: why do they go so damn quickly? I guess it’s a sign that we’re having a lot of fun I suppose?

It was suppose to have been my turn to do the Friday run but my wife – or should I say Josh? – couldn’t do the run up on the 16th so we agreed to swap weekends. All very civil. It was a shame though because if I’d been doing the driving we would have been home by 5pm and we could have walked down to the Christmas fair in the village.

Having nothing to do while waiting for the girls to arrive, and wanting to kill some time instead of constantly watching the clock, I grabbed my camera and popped down to see what was going on at the fair.

It was a chilly evening but the village fair normally pulls quite a crowd and this year was no different as you could hardly walk along the street for the amount of people there. I didn’t have a great deal of time to hang around so I walked round taking some pictures and then headed home again. There’s a gallery of the photos up if you want to see what was going on and how busy it was there.

The girls arrived around 8:15pm, typical for a Friday that their mum brings them up, and after a snack [or two] and a bit of a laugh it was time to get the girls to bed before it got too late.

I had a rough plan for the day on Saturday and it started by a drive in to Bracknell for a bit of shopping. This was the girls’ choice as we’d not been in to Bracknell for quite some time. It has to be said that this was for a good reason, i.e. the shopping’s a bit crap there, but the girls wanted to go so who was I to say that we couldn’t?

We managed to pick up some new pyjamas for Alice but that was about it, except for some new Christmas tree decorations that is. I’d decided to get a new tree this year, getting rid of the one “we” as a family used to use, and getting new decorations seemed like a good idea and the girls loved helping pick the ones they wanted.

We weren’t able to get something to go on the top of the tree though so on the way back home so we popped to the garden centre, had a snack and the girls had a play in the play area. We also managed to find a star to go on the top of the tree too that the girls like – hurrah!

After lunch we walked to Alice’s old school as they had their Christmas fair in the afternoon. We walked there with Stewart, Anna and Katie from next door and bumped into David, Olivia and Erin there too, which was nice as the girls hadn’t seen each other in quite a few months. They all had lots of fun playing the games – mostly winning sweets – and went in Santa’s grotto too. All in all a really good couple of hours, which flashed by.

Instead of going back home as planned, David and Olivia invited us round their place for dinner (fish and chips) so the girls had some more play time and I managed to catch up with David and Olivia properly which was really nice.

Sunday morning after breakfast we headed over to Shelli’s place. We got there in time to see Val and Tony and the girls had a good play while Shelli and I prepared lunch for us all.

Once lunch was eaten, and seeing as it was dry outside, we headed out to the woods as Asri had asked if we could all go and climb some trees. It was lovely to get outside and the girls had a lot of fun following the path through the trees to the playing field where there were some excellent trees to climb as the branches were quite low and easily accessible for the girls. Asri and Eleni shot up the tree and Elisa got me to help her up a bit, which she loved. Alice held back, wary of looking after her lip bless her.

Unfortunately it started to rain so we headed back under the trees to try and get some shelter, but that didn’t actually do much good at all to be honest. Still, we were all having fun and we made our way back to the play area. Yes, I know, it was raining and everything would be wet but the girls wanted to go and who were we to say no? They were out having fun and we weren’t about to tell them they couldn’t carry on!

It stopped raining as we walked to the play area and the girls had a great time playing on the play equipment, Alice getting a soaking wet bottom going down the slide! She was loving it though and I had a change of clothes for the girls ready to take them back to Kent in so I wasn’t worried.

On the way back from the play area the girls thought it would be lots of fun walking through and jumping in all the puddles. They were loving it even when they were all soaking wet, boots full of cold water! It was lovely to see them all having such fun doing something so simple and everyone had such a laugh when we got back to Shelli’s place and we rung out their socks and emptied their boots of water – lots of laughing indeed!

Once the girls were dried off and changed it was time to get some tea in them before we hit the road to take them back to Rochester. Sundays with the girls always seem to go so quickly. That said, weekends with the girls always seem to go by in the blink of an eye but we always have so much fun together. As you’d expect, I’ve posted a load of photos from the weekend so go and have a look if you feel so inclined.

All in all it was a great weekend and really nice to catch up with so many people. Roll on the next weekend with the girls and the beginning of the Christmas fun 🙂