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My word! Another blog post? Really?! Sheesh, that’s a lot of writing for one week; can you keep up with it all?

Having already completed the round trip to Kent twice in under a week because of Alice’s hospital visit and then the journey to take the girls back on Sunday, Wednesday afternoon I found myself again on the wonderful(?) M25 down to Kent. This time I was off to the girls’ school to watch their Christmas play. Alice and Elisa had been telling me for weeks about the practising for the play and I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing what they were going to do – lots of singing from the sounds of it.

I had a pretty good run down – the clockwise carriageway was a nightmare so I had my fingers crossed that that was going to be sorted out by the time I drove back – and being a little early I stopped for a sandwich before heading to the school.

There were a lot of parents there and I took up my customary position on the left hand side of the hall, camera in hand, waiting for the show to start.

As much as I hated getting on that motorway again all of that angst soon evaporated when the girls spotted me with with just the biggest smiles. It was just lovely and certainly made all the effort well worthwhile.

The show was pretty good, the girls knew all their songs, and Alice even had a few minor “acting” bits too which was great to see. It was a loose interpretation of the story of Joseph and Mary, with a very grumpy looking Joseph, but it was all done really well.

Within 30 minutes it was all over and I was waving goodbye to the girls with the prospect of a potentially bad drive home, which I’m pleased to say didn’t happen.

It was a lot of time and effort (160 odd miles and 3+ hours in the car) for only 30 minutes, but it was most definitely worth it to see those two little girls’ faces light up when they saw me there.

As ever, photos have been posted so check them out if you want to.