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Looking for something to do with the girls today I came across the idea of a photo scavenger hunt, hoping that the weather would clear up and the rain of the last few days would subside.

Unlike a normal scavenger hunt, where you have a list of clues which you need to solve in order to find the items, the idea behind the photo scavenger hunt was to have a list of things to find and then, well, take a photo of each of them.

This wasn’t something I’d dreamed up – I got the idea from t’internet – but seeing as I’d bought the girls a camera each for their sixth Birthdays I thought it would be a good way to get them thinking a bit more about photography and to get them outside and walking for a few hours.

Unfortunately, with everything Alice had packed for the weekend, there wasn’t enough room in her bag for her camera. Not a problem as I had my little point-and-click so she used that one. Elisa used her new camera.

Me? I used my lovely DSLR. Okay, it was always going to take a better picture but that wasn’t the point of the day. The point was to get them thinking and excited about being out and taking photos, something I’ve struggled a bit with in the past, especially with Elisa.

Last night, once the girls had gone to bed, I came up with a list of things we all had to find and photograph while we walked round the lakes at Dinton Pastures Country Park.

Obviously, knowing Dinton Pastures quite well helped as I was pretty confident we’d be able to find everything on the list with a bit of looking. Here’s the final list, after a little cropping and editing:

  1. A flower
  2. Leaves from 3 different trees
  3. Something that is red
  4. A piece of wood
  5. Something shiny
  6. A swing
  7. Something green
  8. Something that begins with the letter “T”
  9. Something round
  10. A sculpture
  11. A reflection on water
  12. A path
  13. A bridge
  14. A self-portrait (could be your shadow)
  15. Nature with water
  16. Foot prints in the dirt
  17. A sign or plaque
  18. A water bird
  19. A wild berry
  20. A mushroom
  21. A stone or pebble
  22. Litter
  23. A sail boat
  24. Looking up
  25. Looking down

As you can see, the list wasn’t just a list of objects to photograph. A lot of the items on the list needed some thought and scoping out while we walked around.

After lunch, list in hand and cameras packed, we drove round to Dinton, parked up, and started the hunt.

The girls were seriously excited and enthused with the whole thing and it wasn’t long before we were looking at different trees, following paths we’d never followed before, and stomping through the mud and undergrowth.

We all had a riot and the girls must have walked through every single puddle in our path as we made our way round the big lake looking for the things on the list.

By the time we’d walked round the lake, had a snack in the cafe, and the girls had had some fun in the play area, we’d been out and about for nearly three hours! Not a single moan from the girls about being bored, tired, or anything – fantastic!

They enjoyed it so much that they’ve asked me to come up with more hunts for other places, so I look forward to more days out snapping away with our cameras 🙂

Having looked through all the photos I organised all them so that we had everything on the list from each of us. I suppose you’d like to see the results of our efforts?

Now, I normally wouldn’t put the photos in a post like this, posting them in the locked down photos area, but seeing as there aren’t actually any photos of the girls – other than their wellies and a silhouette of them – I thought I’d add the photos here for you all to see.

As you can see, Elisa copied Alice quite a bit, especially at the beginning, but she certainly came into her own the more she thought about what she was looking at and what she wanted to do. There was very little prompting or assistance from me throughout the afternoon, and not once did I have to help them with their cameras.

Okay, some of the shots are out of focus and the like, but more control will come the more the girls use their cameras. I guess soon they’ll be asking to use my spare DSLR?! Looking at what they were trying to do in some of the shots I dare say that they will be giving me a run for my money some time in the not too distant future!

All in all an absolutely great afternoon out in the sunshine and mud doing something we’ve not done before. Once you’ve looked through the photos I think you’ll agree that the girls did a great job and took some really interesting photos.

Can’t wait until the next one!