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Sunday wasn’t exactly the day Shelli and I had planned. The snow coming overnight on Saturday meant it probably wasn’t a good idea to try and do the walk we’d sorted out for the day, which was a shame as we’d both been looking forward to it all week.

Having been out the night before, and knowing that we didn’t have to try and get over to Shelli’s place in Sonning Common to start the long walk we’d originally had planned, we took it easy Sunday morning affording ourselves a bit of a rest and a little lie in.

It would have been stupid to try and get over to Shelli’s place first thing in the morning to try and give ourselves enough time to cover the intended 10.5 miles, which no doubt would have been a lot harder going with all the white stuff under foot. So, I hatched another walking plan, this time taking us out around the lakes and nature reserve on the outskirts of Twyford.

This wasn’t going to be as long but at least we would be out, snapping away at the snow covered scenery, enjoying some exercise. More to the point, this would knock off some more miles of my challenge for the year so I didn’t want to just sit around all day, as nice as that is some times.

Getting ready for the walk proved a little more complicated than it should have been as Shelli had left a lot of her walking gear at home as we were supposed to have been kicking off from there. Not a problem as I’ve got multiple tops, trousers, fleeces – I think you get the idea? Luckily she had her old pair of walking boots in her car…phew!

It was also lucky that I had two cameras as Shelli was a little disappointed not to have her camera there. Unfortunately she had to make do with my old Canon 400D instead of her newer Canon, but it would do the job.

All ready, cameras in hand, we headed out the door and across the snow-covered fields to Whistley Mill lane, following this down to the public footpath that would take us out to the lakes and nature reserve.

It’d been quite some time since I last walked in that neck of the woods [no pun intended] and once we’d gone under the railway line we headed off round the lakes a way I’d never gone before.

It was lovely being out and the frozen, snow-covered lakes were really rather pretty. Lots of birds were on the lakes, ducking under the water where it wasn’t frozen.

Once we’d made our way round the lakes we popped into the Waggon and Horses for a pint and a sit down. I don’t go to the Waggon very often and I was pleased to see that they now did Bingham Brewery beers on pump. Shelli and I decided to sample a pint of Brickworks each and very nice it was too.

All done, and wanting to make the walk a little longer, we headed out the pub, up through Twyford and out past Ruscombe. We made our way past St. James’ church – taking a few snaps of the church – and along Southbury Lane. From there we made our way across the fields back to Waltham road and back home.

All in all a great little walk. It was harder going than normal because of the snow – quite slippery in places – but it was great to get out and chalk up a few miles for the day. I guess the Sonning Common loop we had planned will have to wait for another day?

In case you weren’t aware, I’ve set up a fundraising page to try and raise some money for a number of charities I support. You can get to my fundraising page at the following location:

The page will be live throughout my challenge this year (and a couple of months after) so please, when you can, give a few pounds to help some very worthy charities.

Why not do like my good mate Stu’s doing? He’s sponsoring me 2p a mile – which is amazingly generous, thanks Stu! You don’t have to pledge that much; 1p, 1/2p, 1/10p…it’ll all add up considering I’ll be covering at least 4012 miles this year!

Thanks. It means a lot and is very much appreciated.