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So it’s been a couple of weeks now since seeing the doctor and I started my road to recovery. The tablets have really helped but as I’ve already said, they’re not a cure. That said, they’re definitely helping me to level out so that I can address other things.

I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor on Friday last week and she was pleased with my progress. We spoke about the tablets, how I’d been feeling since we last spoke, and whether or not I’d followed up with the other organisations we’d spoken about on my first visit.

I hadn’t spoken to anyone else at that point as I really did want to get myself levelled out before attempting to attack anything else, but I have made initial contact with Cruse Bereavement to talk about mum and dad, and everything relating to their deaths, me packing rubbish down inside me etc. It’s a start.

I’ve not been feeling too bad on the tablets, and after hearing how they could have affected me I really thought I’d managed to get away with it. No such luck!

It was Andy’s 40th Birthday bash Saturday evening and I’m not afraid to admit that I was just a little bit anxious about it all knowing that I’d suffered a couple of anxiety attacks already.

I’m pleased to say that I got through the evening okay, and it was great catching up with everyone but on Sunday I was completely wiped out. I’m not talking hangover here – I didn’t have one! – but I had absolutely no energy at all. I spent most of the afternoon asleep in an armchair. When I wasn’t sleeping I was feeling a little unsettled in the stomach. Not good.

Shelli drove us both home – thanks honey – and I spent the rest of the evening wasted. Worse still, I spent nearly all of Monday sleeping too…I just couldn’t keep myself awake. I hasten to add that this was at home and not at work! It was quite scary really as I’m never like that, not even when I’m full of flu.

Tuesday was almost as bad but I managed to log on to work in the afternoon and do some work.

It would seem that this is common with people taking the tablets I’m on, but I really was hoping I’d get away without too many side effects. Ho hum.

Work have been great about it all.

The Monday after I had my initial doctor’s appointment I spoke to my manager about it and since then he’s been brilliant. From talking to him it’s clear he’s known someone going through what I’m going through, so this has made things a lot easier to talk about with him. He knew that this might happen – the energy levels – so he wasn’t surprised by the last couple of days.

I hope this isn’t too long in passing but some people reckon 4 weeks to get past this, others 6, and others 8. I guess we’ll see won’t we?

Onwards and upwards and all that…