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Before I get round to writing up a full post on what I’ve been up to lately, now that the clouds seem to have lifted again, I thought I’d point out that there are more photos for you to take a look at.

There are two new galleries in the 2011 photos. One from a lovely walk I took round Winchester and the surrounding countryside, and the other from the other weekend when the girls and I visited the Science Museum.

As well as those, I’m beginning to back-fill the photos from my old site, the Learning to Smile one. I thought it was a bit of a waste having photos of the girls etc. from the time after my wife left on there, especially as I don’t visit the site any more and in all likelihood will be decommissioning it at some point in the future. It served its purpose back then but this is the place I want to be going to look at photos etc.

I’ve got most of the photos from 2010 from the old site on here now – there’s about another four or five galleries to go – and then there are some from 2009 to be added as well. Hopefully these will be done soon but I’ll let you know when they’re all done.