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It was a year to the day that I completed my walk up this great land of ours, 86 days after I set off from Land’s End on a very wet 7th May.

I seriously can’t believe a year’s passed already and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve nowhere near achieved everything I wanted to in that time and I’m ever so slightly disappointed in myself for that fact, especially for not being able to see everyone I’ve wanted to. That’s life I suppose?

Other than when I was posting to my blog en route I’d not actually read back my daily updates, leaving that joy(?) for this year so that I could follow my adventures day by day over the last three months.

It’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster reading about the highs and the lows of my journey and it was amazing how powerful some of the memories were, reading the words on the page and seeing the places in my mind’s eye as clear as if I were stood there – the mind is an amazing thing!

I’m so glad I forced myself to write up the day’s events in such detail as it was fascinating to read it all back, as I’m sure to do again and again over the years to come. Granted, I cringed a lot with the missed/incorrect words, bad spelling and grammar but I guess I can be forgiven these mistakes considering how exhausted I was every day whilst writing/posting my updates?

I’ve been tempted to correct these errors but I’ve decided to leave the blog as it was originally written. I’m still aiming on creating an ebook about my walk, in which I’ll be correcting all the bad grammar, and once done I’ll post a link on the blog site and on here no doubt.

It still fills me with such pride when I think back about what I achieved and all the pain and anguish I went through to cover the miles each and every day. In some ways I can’t believe how a crazy idea one cold Tuesday evening turned into one of the best things to ever happen to me. This is most definitely something nobody will ever be able to take away from me!

Once again, a massive thank-you to everyone who sponsored and supported me last year. Without you all I’m sure it would have been considerably harder, and dare I say it, in those moments when I thought I couldn’t take another step I would have faltered if it weren’t for the love and support you all gave me. I will be forever grateful.

In case you’ve not seen it before, here’s the video montage of some of the photos I took while on my amazing adventure: