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Day 1

I mentioned in my post the last week that we (Shelli and I) had a plan to kick-start our return to fitness in 2015 over the coming weeks. I’m pleased to say that it has begun!

We’d planned on starting on Monday but there was a bit of a hiccup due to an unexpected house manager shift for Shelli. Rotas had been changed over the Christmas break and it hadn’t been made clear – meaning Shelli worked a double shift at work and wasn’t able to start that day. Getting in at 11:30pm after a bloody long day meant it wasn’t going to happen, understandably.

So, last Tuesday we did day 1 of the 30 days of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training routine I found online.

The picture below shows what we had to do for day 1:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]

Being a little out of shape – and not completely mental – we sensibly made the decision to do this month on Level I of the routine. This meant only doing 5 rounds but trust me, we were both puffing after each round!

Even though Shelli was working late on Monday, and as I didn’t want to immediately give myself an excuse not to get started, I did actually do day 1 last Monday, so I had two day 1s 🙂

As I was home alone Monday I also did the following bike HIIT routine:

HIIT Bike Routine
Warm-up 00:00 01:00 01:00 Moderate
1 Work 01:00 01:20 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
1 Rest 01:20 01:30 00:10 Moderate
2 Work 01:30 01:50 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
2 Rest 01:50 02:00 00:10 Moderate
3 Work 02:00 02:20 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
3 Rest 02:20 02:30 00:10 Moderate
4 Work 02:30 02:50 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
4 Rest 02:50 03:00 00:10 Moderate
Recovery 03:00 05:00 02:00 Slow
5 Work 05:00 05:20 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
5 Rest 05:20 05:30 00:10 Moderate
6 Work 05:30 05:50 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
6 Rest 05:50 06:00 00:10 Moderate
7 Work 06:00 06:20 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
8 Rest 06:20 06:30 00:10 Moderate
8 Work 06:30 06:50 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
8 Rest 06:50 07:00 00:10 Moderate
Recovery 07:00 09:00 02:00 Slow
9 Work 09:00 09:20 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
9 Rest 09:20 09:30 00:10 Moderate
10 Work 09:30 09:50 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
10 Rest 09:50 10:00 00:10 Moderate
11 Work 010:00 010:20 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
11 Rest 10:20 10:30 00:10 Moderate
12 Work 10:30 10:50 00:20 Sprint ALL Out
12 Rest 10:50 11:00 00:10 Moderate
Recovery 11:00 13:00 02:00 Slow

This hurt and I only had the bike resistance set to 2! Not wanting to shy away from this exercising malarkey I went full out during the sprint intervals – hitting about 32Km/h. No pain/no gain and all that.

This is the bike routine we’ll be sticking to over the coming weeks, ramping up the resistance on the bike [hopefully] as we get stronger… well… that’s the theory anyway!

Day 2

After a successful day 1 the time to do day 2’s HIIT routine came round all too quickly. That said, this was a reasonably easy one compared to the previous day.

The picture below shows what we had to do for day 2:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]

No levels this time, just a series of short elbow planks and 5 minutes and 20 seconds after starting we were done without too much discomfort.

As it was quite late by the time we got round to doing it neither of us were in the mood to add a bike or treadmill HIIT routine on top.

I’ve not really planned out when we should be adding these in, but I think it’ll be safer just to leave that down to a decision on the day. I don’t want to pile too much pressure on while we do this as that will ultimately end up in us failing to complete the 30 days, which wouldn’t be good at all.

Day 3

I’d not been looking forward to this day!

As I’m in charge of organising this exercise routine I know what’s coming up and having had a couple of easy-ish days I knew that day 3 was going to up the game a bit…and I wasn’t wrong!

The picture below shows what we had to do for day 3:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]


This was tough! Being out of shape certainly didn’t help, but I can’t imagine a time where I’d find today’s routine “easy”. Things started out okay but by the time we hit the side leg raises everything was beginning to hurt and my lungs were screaming for oxygen!

When we finally got to the end of the plank jacks both Shelli and I collapsed on our exercise mats unable to move!

I’m glad we’re doing this though, and I’m positive that we’ll definitely feel the benefits of it all by the end of the 30 days, but “fun” this was not and I’m sure there are more tough days ahead.

Asri and Eleni decided they’d join in with us today, which added some comedy value to the pain we were feeling 🙂

Day 4

Another day I wasn’t looking forward to…I hate burpees!

The picture below shows what we had to do for day 4:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]


Again, Shelli and I were accompanied by Asri and Eleni which was amusing to say the least.

We did it though and four days in we’re not doing too badly even if we end up a mess after each day’s routine!

Day 5

A slightly easier day today but as the rounds went on it got a bit tougher, which is the whole point of these HIIT routines I guess?

The picture below shows what we had to do for day 5:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]


This time we were joined by Asri, Eleni and Alice – Elisa watched and laughed at us from the sofa!

Day 6

Having been busy getting everything ready for the decorators on Monday morning, and then having to drive my girls back to Rochester in the afternoon, we hit this routine a bit later than I’d hoped.

The picture below shows what we had to do for day 6:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]


This wasn’t too bad but I must admit, I really struggled to get a breath in during the bike crunches. I just couldn’t find a point in the exercise where I could manage to even partly fill my lungs! This made it a little uncomfortable to say the least but I got through them.

Almost at the end of week one now!

Day 7

Week one done! Last day of the first week of this journey back to a better level of fitness.

The picture below shows what we had to do for day 7:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]


A fairly easy one for the last day; ten minutes and it was all done and dusted.

It’s been great getting something done every day but I’m not over the moon about the lack of bike/treadmill HIIT routines I’ve managed to fit in as well.

It’s been a mad busy week so I should be happy that we managed to get the main HIIT routine done every day. I guess we’ll see if week 2 is better in that respect?

And so…the scores on the doors…

I guess – as they say – the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and having weighed myself the morning of new year’s day, I got up this morning and weighed myself again to see what difference a week of HIIT and eating better has done.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to lose 1.6 lbs – whoop!

Okay, it’s not an amazing weight loss but if  I can keep that up I’ll have lost nearly half a stone by the end of the 30 days. Only time will tell!