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Like I was ever going to forget that it was my Birthday at the weekend, and not just any Birthday but my 41st Birthday so the girls reminded me what felt like every waking moment on the run up to it. Having Alice and Elisa here on my Birthday though really did make it an extra special day!

I can’t remember the last time it snowed on my Birthday but this weekend it did. Okay, it wasn’t the heaviest snowfall here but it was enough to scupper some of the plans for the weekend, like the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday afternoon.

Still, we managed to find lots of things to amuse ourselves with while eating the really rather delicious Birthday cake Shelli and Asri made for me…and no, they didn’t put 41 candles on it! I suspect that was more out of fear of setting light to the house than anything else?!

It was a great weekend though and a massive thank you to Shelli and all the girls for making it so special.

My Birthday weekend
With Shelli and all our girls;
Madness but such fun!